Do you struggle with dry, itching skin or scaly patches that just won’t go away even when you apply moisturizer to your skin regularly? If so, you are not alone. Many people just like you suffer from itching.

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At Elder's Pure Water, we know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be when your skin itches uncontrollably. There can be various causes of itching. However, there’s one solution that has helped a variety of people struggling with prolonged itching achieve softer skin for their whole body that is more nourished by addressing one physical cause. It’s also likely not what you think!

There Are A Variety of Ways to Relieve Dry Skin

There are many ways to treat itchy skin, like working with a dermatologist, using fragrance-free soaps, or taking a cool bath, but using a water-softening system in your home can help alleviate one of the major causes of itchy skin.

Is Your Itching Caused by the Water in Your Home?

In this article, we’ll discuss what hard water is, why it causes itching skin, and how a water-softening system can help you prevent itchy skin on your whole body.

What is Hard Water, and What Does it Have to Do with My Itching Skin?

The U.S. Geological Survey puts hard water in terms that are easy to understand. “The simple definition of water hardness is the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, largely calcium and magnesium.

The Water Quality Association reports that hard water can also be caused by other metallic elements.

The word “hardness” originally referenced water that was hard to wash in. It referred to the soap-wasting properties of hard water. Hardness keeps soap from lathering because of the insoluble elements in the water; hardness typically causes the buildup of scale in your pipes and your tub.
If it causes that kind of build-up on solid surfaces, imagine the kind of build-up it leaves on your skin!

How Does This Buildup Affect Your Itching?

This unrinsed soap creates a layer on your skin’s surface, causing it to feel itchy, dry, and flaky. It can even be causing that itchy scalp! Aren’t you ready to ditch that dandruff shampoo?
This buildup can also be present in your “clean” laundry since these minerals don’t rinse as easily in the wash, which can make itching worse.
The excess minerals within hard water can also directly dry on the skin. This disrupts and thickens the body’s natural oils that keep your skin from drying out. It can clog pores, make moisturizers and lotions less effective, and can even lead to acne breakouts, skin irritation, and other symptoms.

What About Itchy Skin Conditions Like Eczema?

It’s always best to consult with a dermatologist, but even those with an underlying condition like eczema and those with sensitive skin and other skin problems have been shown to find relief from softer water.

Living in an area with hard water is associated with an increased risk of eczema, according to a study from researchers in London. “By damaging the skin barrier, washing with hard water may contribute to the development of eczema – a chronic skin condition characterized by an intensely itchy red rash,” said Danby, lead author of the study.

How Hard is the Water in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Westoplex areas?

You can see on the hard water map found here that our area is on the high end of hard water. As a local business, we’re familiar with the composition of hard water in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Westoplex areas and how to treat it appropriately.

If you’ve been wrestling with persistent dry or itchy skin for an extended amount of time, it’s likely a sign that you should think about investing in a water-softening system for your home.

How Can a Water Softening System Help You Stop Itching?

According to the Department of Energy a water-softening system will do wonders for dry skin, and countless dermatologists across the nation would agree!

A water softener system is designed to remove excess minerals from your tap or well water before they reach your skin or your clothing.
Removing the minerals that can cause itching helps balance the amount of hard minerals like magnesium and calcium with softer minerals such as sodium in your water supply. This results in soft water.

Soft Water Can Help With That Intense Itch and Dry Skin

When you bathe and wash your laundry in soft water, it helps keep your skin moisturized. This is because you aren’t exposed to the mineral deposits that have been known to cause dry, itchy skin.
Your body will thank you! After using soft water for a short amount of time, typically days or weeks, you’ll notice that your skin is not as dry, its quality has improved, and that your moisturizer is much more effective.

A Water Softener is a Common Sense Investment

A water softening system is a vital investment if you’ve been struggling with dry skin, chronic itchiness, or if you suffer from eczema.
This type of system also requires minimal maintenance or upkeep once it’s installed, so it’s an affordable way for you to address your widespread itching and experience softer, healthier skin for many years to come.

Ditch Your Itchy Skin Today

You shouldn’t have to live with an irritating sensation like body itching.
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